Owning my own studio has been a dream of mine for a long time.   I grew up in LaBelle, Florida, a small town in the south, with very few opportunities to develop my love for the art of dance.  I moved to Pensacola with my parents in 1993.  At that time I decided to take dance classes, hoping to meet new people and develop and enhance my skills.  I had no idea what was in store for me.   I gained not only new friends but a passion I had never known before.  I knew from that point on I wanted to develop, perform and share my passion for dance with others for the rest of my life.  I took every class that I could take, and I still couldn’t get enough.  God was working in my life and He had a plan. Only by a miracle was I offered a teaching position the very next year.  Teaching only intensified my love for dance. In 1995 I met the man of my dreams.  He proposed to me on stage at a recital after I had just poured out my heart in a solo dedicated to him.  It was a very romantic moment in time!  Many years and two beautiful children later it was time for my dream to become a reality.

Choosing a name for my studio was one of the most important aspects of my vision.  I wanted the name to say it all.  My mother suggested LaBelle for the name of the studio.  LaBelle is perfect, and my mother is a genius!  LaBelle means the beautiful in French, and as I mentioned above, LaBelle was my home town.

“LaBelle” sums up my vision in one word.  The art of dance is beautiful!  With God’s guidance and the support of family and friends my dream has come true and in Fall 2007 LaBelle Performing Arts opened it’s doors for the first time.

It is my desire that the program at LaBelle Performing Arts will give others who love the fine arts the opportunity to reach their dreams.

Jeannie Beasley
LaBelle Performing Arts

Good is not enough when you dream of greatness!