At LaBelle Performing Arts we offer two end-of-the-year performances for dance: a showcase and a production.  Participation in the performances is voluntary; students can continue to take classes but may choose not to participate in the performances.  Please inform your instructor if you are not participating in the showcase or production, so that they can take that into account when choreographing the dance.  Music, Voice, and Theatre will have their own end-of-year performances, and do not participate in the Showcase or Production.

The Showcase

The Showcase is a traditional dance recital.  The following classes participate in the Showcase:  Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Hippity Hop, Little Dudes Hip Hop, Ballet (6-8), Jazz (6-8), Tap (6-8), Hip Hop 1 (6-8), Mini Musical Theater (6-8), Pointe 1 (does not perform a dance every year), and the LPAC competition dances.  Senior and 15-year solos will also perform in the showcase.  The Showcase is performed at the Saenger Theatre.  Please note, some of these classes may be moved to the Showcase for time or creative reasons.  

The Production

The production is a full theatre production with a storyline, featuring dance, theatre and musical theatre.  The following classes participate in the production:  Ballet (8-10), Jazz (8-10), Tap (8-10), Beginning Teen Ballet (11-up), Intermediate Teen Ballet (11-up), Advanced Teen Ballet (11-up), Beginning Teen Jazz (11-up), Intermediate Teen Jazz (11-up), Elite Jazz, Tap (11-up), Elite Jazz, Hip Hop 1 (8-10), Advanced Hip Hop 1, Hip Hop 2, Advanced Hip Hop 2, LPAC Jazz (all levels), Contemporary 1, Contemporary 2, Contemporary 3, Lyrical 1, Lyrical 2, Lyrical 3, Elite Lyrical/Contemporary, Beginning Musical Theatre Dance, Intermediate Musical Theatre Dance/Heels, Advanced Musical Theatre Dance, Beginning Heels, Commercial Heels, Beginning Ballroom, Intermediate Ballroom, Advanced Ballroom.  The Production is performed at the Saenger Theatre.  Please note, some of these classes may be moved to the Showcase for time or creative reasons.  Also, not all upper level Ballet classes will perform in the Production, some classes will remain technique-only for the year.

Music and Theatre End-of-Year Performances

Music will have an end-of-year performance in May.  Theatre will have in-studio performances at the end of May.  Please look at the schedule for exact dates.  These classes do not participate in the Showcase or Production.

Performance Fee

Dance students are required to pay a $35 recital fee; additional family members only pay a fee of $15 each.  This fee helps cover the cost for the theatre rental, technical staff, and props.

Music and Theatre students are required to pay a $15 fee to cover the music hall rental, chair rental, and other incidental expenses for the performances.


Everyone attending the Showcase or the Production must purchase a ticket; this includes dancers who wish to sit in the audience when they are not performing.  Ticket sales help cover the cost for the theatre rental, technical staff, and props.  Ticket price and purchase information will be made available in March.  There is no cost to attend the Music and Theatre performances.

Class Rehearsals 

A student planning to participate in the end-of-the year dance or theatre performances will not be allowed more than 4 absences after February 1st.  Excessive absences make it difficult for a class to learn the necessary choreography (Dance) or blocking and lines (Theatre) for the end-of-the-year performance.  A student may choose to make-up absences by taking private lessons with their instructor in order to review material covered in class.

In-Studio Rehearsals 

We hold in-studio rehearsals at LPA during the last week in May and the first week of June (exact dates will vary every year and will be posted on our calendar).  These rehearsals allow us to put the show together and allow all the classes to run their dances in front of their peers.  These rehearsals also allow us to identify problems that need to be addressed before we get to the theatre.  There will be no regularly scheduled classes during this time, the in-studio rehearsals will substitute your regularly scheduled class.

Tech Rehearsals

Tech Rehearsals will be at the Saenger Theatre.  The Showcase will have one day of Tech/Dress rehearsal and the Production will have 2 days.  The rehearsals will be during the day, beginning in late morning or early afternoon until around 9 pm.  We will supply a more detailed schedule of when your child will be expected to be there in May.  Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times, teachers are busy with the dancers rehearsing on stage and cannot be responsible for unattended children.  Many parents make arrangements with other parents in their classes to watch each other’s children so that they don’t all have to be there every day.

Please feel free to contact Caroline Alderman at or Emily Wright at if you have any additional questions about the Showcase, Production, Music, and Theatre Performances.